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Captain Scarlet: Captain Scarlet Spectrum

Captain Scarlet: Captain Scarlet Spectrum
Big Chief Studio - 12" Figure
Pre-order: Available 2022 Q1

BIG Chief Studios present the Captain Scarlet Spectrum Edition Character Replica Figure collection. Featuring the most accurate character likenesses, authentically styled and tailored uniforms and faithfully replicated prop accessories.

Paul Metcalfe went to West Point Military University, where he was trained in field combat duty, how to pilot a variety of aircraft and to become a weapons expert. Drilled to survive in any conditions, he demonstrated a strong mental resilience and an ability to command. Paul joined the World Army / Air-Force where he gained promotion after promotion, reaching the rank of Colonel. The selection committee charged with finding candidates for the formation of the new organization of Spectrum, had followed Paul’s career, and recognised his qualities of leadership, initiative, combat strategy, integrity and dedication to his work. He was approached by them and accepted the offer to become am field agent for Spectrum, with the rank of Captain, and the colour code-name 'Scarlet'. It was after a fateful mission to Mars that Captain Scarlet became the key agent in the fight against the Mysterons.

What's in the Box:
- Fully realised character likeness of Captain Scarlet with Optix Action Eyes
- Anatomix Male Body with Multiple Points of Articulation

Authentic Spectrum Officer Uniform includes:
- Jersey
- Trousers
- Tunic with Belt and Holster
- Boots
- Cap with Flip Down Microphone
- Pair of Poseable Hands with Bendable Fingers

Accessories Include:
- Spectrum Officer Pistol
- Wristwatch
- Spectrum Display Base

Please note the tunic epaulettes and the display base do not light up.

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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