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Iron Man Mark IV Holo Version Exclusive

Iron Man 2 MM - Iron Man Mark IV (Holographic Version) 2020 Toy Fair Exclusive
Hot Toys - Sixth Scale Action Figure
ETA: END 12/2020

* Please note: This Hot Toys Movie Promo Edition may only be ordered at events like shows and store events.

** Please note: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are possible.

He is the armor-clad, energy, whip-wielding specialist, Whiplash! The most loved villain ever battled in Iron Man 2. Recreating an Arc Reactor based on his father's design and building armor similar to the Iron Man's, Whiplash has terrified Tony Stark at the Monaco racing track.

In response to the continued popularity of Hot Toys' earliest creations, we are pleased to officially present the sixth scale Whiplash collectible figure with a road and pavement diorama figure stand as an exclusive item available only in selected markets.

The movie-accurate figure is skillfully crafted based on Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Whiplash/Ivan Vanko, Iron Man's enemy in the movie, features a newly painted head sculpt with detailed hair sculpture, remarkable patterned tattoos on upper body, LED light-up Arc Reactor on chest and back, a finely tailored costume with burnt marks, Whiplash's deadly electrified whips and electric effects, as well as a specially designed diorama figure stand.

Expand your Marvel Cinematic Universe collection with the awesome Whiplash collectible figure!

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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