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TBLeague Anubis Guardian of The Underworld

Anubis Guardian of The Underworld
TBLeague - Sixth Scale Action Figure
ETA: END 02/2020

Anubis is the Greek name of the god of death, mummification, embalming, the afterlife, cemeteries, tombs, and the Underworld, in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. Like many ancient Egyptian deities, Anubis assumed different roles in various contexts. Depicted as a protector of graves as early as the First Dynasty (c. 3100 - c. 2890 BC), Anubis was also an embalmer. By the Middle Kingdom (c. 2055 - 1650 BC) he was replaced by Osiris in his role as lord of the underworld. One of his prominent roles was as a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. He attended the weighing scale during the "Weighing of the Heart," in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead.

 The action figure stands approx. 30 cm tall and comes with accessories and interchangeable parts in a printed box


- 2 x headsculpts
- 1 x TBLeague 1/6 male seamless body with metal skeleton
- 3 pairs x interchangeable hands
- 1 x neck armor
- 1 x belt
- 1 x skirt
- 1 pair x forearm armors
- 1 pair x feet in shoes with long shafts
- 1 pair x fabric leg sleeves
- 1 pair x fabric armbands
- 1 pair x armlets
- 1 x cross
- 1 x trident
- 1 x Egyptian flail

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