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Gremlins: The New Batch Art Print

Sideshow: Gremlins: The New Batch Art Print
Pre-order: Available 2022 Q2

''We have Gremlins in the projection booth. Would you help us?''

Sideshow Art Prints presents the Gremlins: The New Batch Fine Art Print, an officially licensed horror art print by artist Juan Ramos.

Here they grow again! This explosive illustration pays tribute to the familiar and freakish faces of the beloved horror sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Packed with Easter eggs from the film, this scene shows Gizmo the Mogwai taking inspiration from his favorite action hero Rambo as he holds a makeshift bow and flaming arrow. With a new generation of Gremlins on the loose, it’s up to the cuddly little commando to take out the terrors as he stands watch from the Clamp Center security office.

Each Gremlins: The New Batch Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 375 pieces. Available unframed or in a custom framed format, this adorable Gremlins art print is an essential addition to any movie lover’s collection.

Break all the rules and unleash the Gremlins: The New Batch Fine Art Print by Juan Ramos on your wall today!

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