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Sideshow - Gambit Unframed Art Print

Sideshow - Gambit Unframed Art Print
Pre-order: Available 2021 Q1

''The gentleman assumes the pot is his to win… but I have a literal ace up my sleeve.''

Sideshow presents the Gambit Fine Art Print by renowned comics artist Mike Mayhew.

He'll steal your heart and your valuables if you aren't careful around this master thief. Mayhew captures Gambit's explosive charm and swagger in this energetic portrait of the X-Men's resident Ragin' Cajun. Dressed in his signature trench coat and cowl, Remy LeBeau releases a volatile volley of charged up playing cards as he channels his mutant power through them. His devilish eyes catch the glow of the pink-flamed projectiles, and Gambit smirks his way to another Big Easy victory.

Each Gambit Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 500 pieces. Pair this stunning original illustration with Sideshow's Gambit Maquette to create one kinetically charged collection of mutant Marvel collectibles.

Deal him in and bring home the Gambit Fine Art Print by Mike Mayhew today.

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