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Batman Detective Comics #1006 Art Print

DC Comics: Batman Detective Comics #1006
Sideshow - Unframed Art Print
Pre-order: Available 2020 Q3

'Put down your weapons and equipment and this may be your lucky day. Or your worst.'

Sideshow presents the Batman: Detective Comics #1006 Fine Art Print by artist Dan Quintana.

Like the bat-signal in the sky, Batman stands as a beacon of hope in the darkest night. Artist Dan Quintana offers a unique take on Bruce Wayne's signature look as spectral threads of white surround the Caped Crusader, making him a ghost in the shadows. Muted blues and purples color the composition, giving fans a supernatural perspective on Gotham City's greatest detective.

Originally created as a variant cover for Batman: Detective Comics #1006 (2016), written by Peter J. Tomasi for DC Comics, this dreamy illustration of the Dark Knight is now available in a fine art collectible format. Each Batman: Detective Comics #1006 Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 400 pieces.

Defend your collection from the darkness and bring home the Batman: Detective Comics #1006 Fine Art Print by Dan Quintana today.

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