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Naruto Shippuden - Pain (Tendo) 1/8 PVC Figure

Naruto Shippuden - Pain (Tendo)
Espada Art - PVC Statue 1/8
ETA: END 06/2023


For our first Naruto Shippuden statue, we decided to portray the leader of the Akatsuki and Six Paths of Pain, Pain (Tendo). This overpowered antagonist is captured floating above Konahagakure and extending both hands out ready to use his ninjutsu attack, Shinra Tensei (All Mighty Push). For Pain's base, we decided to have the iconic Akatsuki cloud symbol present behind him in a minimalist design. Pain hovers while looking forward with his Rinnegan as he looks to usher in his dream of world peace through pain to the violent shinobi world.

This wall statue is created in 1/8th scale and will be made entirely of PVC. This statue will include two key hole hangers built into the black base with screws included and detailed instructions on how to safely anchor onto the wall.

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