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Marvel Contest of Champions Statue 1/3 Thanos

PCS - Marvel Contest of Champions Statue 1/3 Thanos
ETA: END 02/2023

"Where simpler minds see only chaos, I see divine purpose. If that's being insane ... then call me mad."

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Thanos 1:3 Scale Statue, an epic Marvel collectible statue inspired by the hit mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions.

The Thanos 1:3 Scale Statue measures 34" tall and 27" wide, with the Mad Titan standing in the center of a Battlerealm base that has been obliterated by his immense power. Wielding the completed Infinity Gauntlet, the villain stalks through the charred remains of bones and molten moon rock towards any resistance in his path. The gauntlet stones include a light-up feature to activate the legendary strength of these artifacts of eternity.

The Thanos Statue is fully sculpted to capture the sheer might and size of the Mad Titan. Based on his in-game character model, this cosmic champion has a textured blue bodysuit and gold metallic armor elements. Battle-worn elements of distress on the armor are mere trifles compared to the scale of destruction Thanos dishes out. Silver accents run through his updated costume along his legs, arms, and spine, and the massive statue features two portraits - one stoic in his pursuit of domination, and one snarling as he wipes out the opposition with ease.

Conquer the contest with the power of space, reality, power, soul, mind, and time! Bring home the Thanos 1:3 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio today.

Product Size: 86 x 71 x 63 cm

Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply.

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