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Dark Nights Metal - Batman Versus Joker Dragon

Dark Nights Metal - Batman Versus Joker Dragon Regular & Deluxe Versions
Prime 1 Studio - 1/3 Statue
ETA: END 02/2021

 Price for the Regular Edition: 1.999,00 €uro!

Price for the DEluxe Edition: 2.250,00 €uro!

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the second product of Dark Nights: Metal Comics series: MMDCMT-02 Batman Versus Joker Dragon Statue.

 The story involves Batman discovering a dark multiverse that exists beneath the core DC multiverse. Eventually he discovers seven evil versions of himself from the dark multiverse that are led by the dark god known as Barbatos.

We created an epic statue of a Batman in a Knight Armor fighting a Dragon with Joker's characteristics. It is a beautifully crafted diorama with an exceptional attention to details starting with faux fur elements of Batman's armor and ending with a very realistic texture of the statue. The statue tells us a story of a bloody and fierce battle full of naturalistic features.

The Deluxe Version includes two additional Alternate Portraits, two additional interchangeable left-hands and one additional Chest Armor.

The Batman Versus Joker Dragon Statue stands approximately 87 cm tall and it is a must have for all DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal fans! A great piece to add in your collection with Batman Who Laughs from the same series.

- Product Size: 87 x 78 x 59 cm
- One (1) designed theme base
- One (1) interchangeable Chest Armor (Alternative Batman logo)
- Two (2) alternate Portraits (Clenched Teeth, Beard)
- Two (2) interchangeable left-hands (Torch, Open Hand)

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€1 999,90


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